Peggy A Rossi

Peggy Rossi has been a nurse for over 62 years, entering Sacramento State College as one of the first schools in the US to allow a student to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. To further her education, she graduated from Golden Gate University in 1985 with a Master’s in Public Administration. She was very active in the field of discharge planning from the time of its inception of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965 and she has then been active in the field of Case Management since the early 1980’s when she was hired to be a medical case manager for a major commercial insurer. In addition to her Registered nursing license, she was licensed as a public health nurse.

From these areas she found her true career love – serving primarily over the years as Director of Discharge Planning and Case Management for health plans, medical groups and 2 major tertiary hospital in the greater Sacramento area. Two of her biggest accomplishments have been:

1) Writing in its entirety for Foundation Health and its Department of Defense contracts for the CRI (CHAMPUS Reform Initiative – now TRICARE) the entire case management program (Program, policies and procedures, job descriptions and all the training material needed to teach new nurses in all regions covered by the contract between Foundation Health and DoD). She also did all the writing regarding the benefit pf case management as Foundation Health applied for other DOD contracts for other regions of the US. Once the program was up and running, she then served as a consultant for any region when difficult case management problems arose.

2) Writing again in its entirety the medical Management program for a new start up HMO – Western Health Advantage, (WHA), This included as was done for Foundation Health – all documents required for the medical management program (UM, CM and QM).

Due to a leg injury she had to resign as the director of Case Management for a large tertiary hospital but was immediately hired by the Center for Case Management. In this position she worked as both a consultant and interim director over discharge planning or case management departments of many hospitals across the US. Prior to her retirement in 2021, she served as a nurse consultant for one of California’s 21 regional centers, contracted with the CA. Department of Developmental Services. In this role she worked closely with the physician advisors, the case manager assigned to clients and their families. During this period of employment, the Coronavirus pandemic hit and her role, quickly changed and she then was to follow any client admitted to the hospital had a safe discharge in place and they were placed at the right level of care.

Her motto over the years has been ‘Learn and Never Quit’ – and with this philosophy she does exactly that. As such and to keep current on discharge planning and case management issues and any laws and regulations which may impact case management and the continuum of care, she reads many professional journals and websites.

She also possesses a great passion to teach others about discharge planning and case management and the benefits it offers. Over the years, she has written articles for both professionals and the lay public. At one point during her employment with Foundation Health, she wrote a monthly article for the lay public on finding community, state or federal resources especially for children with special needs. During and after the publication of her last text on case management, she was a contributing author to HCPros Case Management Monthly, writing articles of key importance to case managers. This column was entitled ‘From the Director’s Desk’.

Her greatest accomplishments include not only writing program plans and other key documents for many of her employers but also the writing of three textbooks for case management. Her first 2 texts are: Case Management in Healthcare – A Practical Guide (WB Saunders – 1999) and Case Management In Healthcare 2nd Edition (WB Saunders -2003). It was this later text that won the American Journal of Nursing award for best nursing management text in 2003. Over the years, these 2 texts have been used in multiple schools of nursing for both their upper and lower division for nurses. Her third text is to assist hospitals as they train new staff to the role and it is entitled – The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual – (HCPro 2014).

Because of her love for Case Management and her knowledge of how important it is to be certified and that certification attests to the fact the professional has meet the Gold Standards for his or her profession. As such, her 1st certification was in utilization management and then she was in the first group of candidates who sought case management certification (CCM) in the early 90s. Subsequently she was later certified by the American Case Management Association as a registered nurse (ACM-RN) and then Case Management Administrator Certification (CMAC).

Over the years she has remained active in both the National and Local Chapter of CMSA, serving as President in the early 90s. She has participated in the chapter’s educational committee and the programs it has presented. Additionally, she has been a speaker for several of the local CMSA events as well as for other professional medical groups, always with the topic centering on case management.

It is from her love of nursing and teaching and she has seen the struggles’ loved ones do as they perform caregiving, she wanted to share her expertise with others. Thus, this book Caregiver, A Role We Least Expect was written.

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